Polygon’s TinyHero To Use New, Unique Distribution System

TinyHero is set to be the first-ever PvE and PvE NFT game with auto-reflection and auto-claim protocol on Polygon. The platform’s new, unique redistribution mechanism is shown below:

The token contract employs a static rewards system. Up to 12% of every transaction will be split up. 4% is redistributed to holders as MATIC. Another 4% fuels the liquidity pool exchange growth. 2% is allocated to the Game Treasury. The final 2% from Sell tx will be burned forever (this only applies for Sell tx. No fee applies for Buy tx).

Polygon’s foray into NFTs should come as surprise to nobody. Last July, COO Sandeep Nailwal declared that: “very few people understand that even in the U.S., [gaming] is bigger than Hollywood, [the National Basketball Association] and multiple other industries combined. Play-to-own and various other models that are coming in are going to disrupt the business models in the gaming industry.” He added, “We all believe that NFT is the gateway to bring masses into the blockchain.”

Once the player buys the in-game currency “TINY tokens” and holds them, every hour that individual will automatically receive $MATIC in their wallet. No action or participation is required. This auto-claim system has been dubbed “TINY PROTOCOL”. TINY tokens’ value is persistent and won’t change. What’s also special about TinyHero is NFT purchases, playing, upgrading, and breeding won’t cost you a transactional fee. All $TINY used to buy NFTs will be burned.

(All information was provided by Globe Newswire, Nasdaq, and TinyHero)

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