IAB UK Creates Esports And Gaming Advertisement Framework

IAB UK, the United Kingdom’s industry body for digital advertising, video game advertising, and monetization platform Bidstack, recently announced the creation of the Gaming And Esports Advertising Framework. This will provide a standardized set of defined terms relating to gaming and advertising while improving communications and interactions across the advertising supply chain in the world of esports.

“To enable sustainable growth in an emerging format, the foundations need to be solid,” said Antonio Dale Forte, IAB UK’s Gaming Group Lead. “By creating a linguistic framework for the gaming and esports advertising market, we have taken the first step to ensure these burgeoning formats can be clearly and effectively communicated, bought, and sold.”

In an official blog post, IAB UK stated that the framework is designed for use by anyone buying, selling, or interested in the purchase of gaming advertisements. The initiative also places extra emphasis on use for brands, agencies, and publishers.

IAB anticipates this framework will be useful as the gaming ad and monetization industry grows. Their hope is that this framework will encourage that growth to be sustainable and efficient in the years to come.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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