Gamasutra Rebranded As “Game Developer”

If you’re looking to visit the Gamasutra website, from now on you will have to find them at The website has undergone a complete redesign but still contains all the previously posted editorial content. Game Developer has vowed that 100% of the content will be migrated over to the new website. They also plan to make the new site more user-friendly and easier to navigate. 

“Even with Gamasutra’s reputation and editorial vision, the name was always cringey, and alienated people outside or adjacent to the game industry,” writes longtime Gamasutra publisher Kris Graft. “And the stories of sheer cringe that I’ve experienced or heard have made me laugh, but equally made me shudder: a developer having to cite Gamasutra in front of government representatives to obtain funding; a teacher awkwardly telling new students to check out this article on Gamasutra…On a more serious note, reporting on rampant industry sexism when our brand clings to a late-90’s ‘LOL SEX’ connotation is beyond the pale.”

The new Game Developer website officially launched on August 26th and continues to be a work in progress. The crew at Game Developer vowed that through this change, they will continue to create new ways to empower and inform their audience via the articles written by game developers, talented contributors, and Game Developer Staff.

(All information was provided by Gamasutra)

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