Sims Creator Makes New Game About You, Using Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence

Sims creator Will Wright is releasing a new game called Proxi, using AI and blockchain technology. Wright’s Gallium Studios has partnered with blockchain gaming platform Forte Labs Inc. to develop the title, which will allow players to create and own their content. In Proxi, users play as themselves by virtue of self-discovery and uncovering one’s subconscious to make “proxies” of their mind. In Proxi, the player is forced to start with a blank slate and fill it with recollections. 

Players create a memory and visualize it with 3D drawings, audio, and photos. The memory — represented in a snow globe — serves to create a world and, ultimately, a mind. Proxi draws on information about how users choose to arrange their memories to inform it about how the player thinks and what makes them unique. From there, the game builds a conceptual map about how the player associates with all the things in his or her life. As a result, a Proxi comes to life and can interact with other Proxis. 

Wright said he believes that people are their memories and that tackling that in a game is a somewhat frightening idea. “I think that self-discovery is scary,” Wright said in an interview. “Learning about the world is not as scary as learning about yourself.”

Given that users are creating personal memories in the game, Wright thought it was important that there be due ownership. If someone creates something in the game, they will own it as an NFT. A person’s memories, or “snow globe,” will be an NFT, for example. But virtually everything in Proxi can be an NFT, and an in-game marketplace will conduct transactions, where players can either trade or use U.S. dollars to purchase non-fungible tokens. Since the content of Proxi is meant to be intensely personal — a spattering of one’s inner mind on a screen — security control is critical. The blockchain also helps to protect players from piracy and imposes some kind of order on ownership. 

(All information was provided by Bloomberg)

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