New Documentary Explores The History Of First Person Shooter Games

CreatorVC recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance a new documentary focused on video games. FPS: First Person Shooter will be a three-hour-long movie that explores the history of FPS games like Doom, Halo, and Duke Nukem.

First Person Shooter will feature interviews from an incredible cast of industry legends, superstar fans, and eSports pros. This all-star cast will take you on a journey from the genre’s primitive beginnings in the 1970s through to the present day, exploring the impact and legacy of a wide range of genre-defining classics – Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Goldeneye, Half-Life, Halo, Call of Duty, and many more – revealing industry secrets and personal favorites in engaging interviews that provide new insights into your favorite games,” it says on the CreatorVC website. “Along the way, we’ll look at the evolution of gameplay and mechanics, explore the historic milestones that pushed the genre forward, and highlight iconic gaming moments that shaped the genre.”

The movie’s Kickstarter page was officially launched on July 3rd. Since then, the project has raised over $80K thanks to donations from 771 backers.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat, CreatorVC, and Kickstarter)

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