TangoChain Launches World’s First 100% Gaming Blockchain Platform

TangoChain announced the launch of the world’s first blockchain that is 100% made of gaming applications, play-to-earn games, and NFTs. The blockchain platform boasts of infrastructure optimized to onboard as many innovations supporting the gaming world as possible. It also integrates protocols that feel more native, as opposed to other blockchain platforms. By venturing into the gaming industry and the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market, TangoChain seeks to attract global investors and players.

“TangoChain could offer the ushering of the third generation of blockchain,” wrote the organization in a press release. “The hallmarks of this generation lie in a fully specialized blockchain whose infrastructure and services align towards its role. Contrary to that, TangoChain fully focuses on gaming, and NFTs features rather than adding them as features.”

Notably, Tangochain uses the proof of game consensus to verify transactions. This is different from Bitcoin’s proof of work and Cardano’s proof of stake. As players get to enjoy their games on the Tangochain platform without interference, they, in turn, earn rewards for their efforts. Consequently, the players get to secure the network and verify transactions, thereby making it a win-win situation.

The firm intends to raise capital through its AGO token sale, of which it estimates to raise a total of $50 million in BUSD. According to the firm, 5% of the AGO coins will be designated for the seed round, 5% for the strategic round, 5% for the private round. Additionally, 5% of the AGO coins will be allocated for the initial DEX offering, 5% for the advisors, 15% for the team, 30% for liquidity, 20% for development, and 10% for rewards.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance and ZyCrypto)

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