Razer Launches “Champions Start From Within” Wellness Program For Esports Athletes

Global lifestyle brand for gamers Razer announced the launch of their new “Champions Start from Within” esports wellness program, which seeks to promote healthy and sustainable gaming habits in the highly demanding and intense competitive gaming industry. Razer will collaborate with psychologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and other experts to provide resources in the form of videos, articles, contacts, and events. Esports athletes, both pro and amateur, can refer to these easily accessible resources and level up their game through physical and mental wellness.

“The esports scene is dynamic and fast-paced, and that’s what makes it so exciting and engaging – but the industry hasn’t placed a lot of emphasis on physical and mental health, so many athletes are often unaware of how to care for their minds and bodies for a longer-lasting career,” said Flo Gutierrez, Director of Global Esports at Razer. “We want to ensure that players and teams at all levels of competition are given adequate support, so we sat down with leading experts in the field and designed this program for them.”

Global esports revenue has gone through the roof, and with many young gamers enticed by the potential for glory, recognition, and huge amounts of prize money for tournaments, many gamers push themselves to the limits, unknowingly neglecting their mental and physical wellbeing in the process. As a result, the average age of retirement for an esports athlete is around 25 years old. Often physical injuries and mental stress caused by irregular schedules and diets are cited as the main reasons for said early retirement.

The “Champions Start from Within” program focuses on four key verticals: physical activity, mental health, sleep, and nutrition. Razer has brought together esports experts from all across the spectrum to support this program and provide talks, events, and activations to educate aspiring athletes and ease them into the rigors of gaming, which will be provided in their web portal. Topics will range from coping with fatigue and burnout to proper sitting postures and exploring stress and recovery concepts. Also featured will be a suite of Razer products that have been ergonomically designed to aid in maintaining solid form while reducing physical stress when gaming.

(All information was provided by Business Wire)

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