Hitmarker Announces Plans To Teach Courses Through Skillshare

The esports career platform Hitmarker recently launched a series of courses related to job seeking and hiring through the online learning community Skillshare. So far, topics that have been covered include resume building, developing cover letters, and interviewing for jobs.

“As a platform dedicated to helping people get hired, we’ve been searching for an educational partner like Skillshare for a while now,” said Cam Brierley, Marketing Lead at Hitmarker. “We’ve been producing our own content through written articles and social videos ever since we launched, and are thrilled to be taking the learnings that we’ve developed over the years and creating full courses around them.”

Hitmarker also announced that it will be rolling out more courses over the next few months. These classes will highlight topics like modern work methods, HR practices, product utilization, and so on.

Hitmarker is a United Kingdom-based online job board that focuses on careers in the esports and gaming industry. The organization was founded in 2018.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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