Nazara Raises $41.86M From Investors

On October 6th, Nazara Technologies announced it had raised $41.86 from key institutional investors. These funds will be used to support esports-related growth initiatives while helping the company accumulate more strategic business acquisitions in a variety of job fields.

“We are thankful to our investors for their strong endorsement of Nazara’s strategic vision and ability to execute towards its stated goals. The investment from such institutional investors will act as a catalyst for the Nazara flywheel to operate faster across all business segments and will result in compounding of the shareholder value organically and inorganically at parent as well as at subsidiary levels,” Manish Agarwal, CEO, Nazara Technologies, said.

Nazara Technologies is an India-based company that was founded in December of 1999. The organization is famous for launching subsidiaries like Nodwin Gaming and Sportskeeda.

(All information was provided by Financial Express and Google)

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