TropiCaos And Horizm Partner To Measure Digital Assets In Latin America

Brazilian esports organization TropiCaos announced a partnership with the inventory management firm Horizm to measure digital assets in Latin America. This deal will see Horizm function as an independent auditor in order to add transparency to TropiCaos’s results, values, and assets.

“Digital assets represent a great revenue opportunity in the country and in the esports niche,” said Rodrigo Martinez, CEO of TropiCaos. “This partnership and pioneering spirit are a great opportunity to add value to our steps and vision of the future for the organization.”

This partnership effectively sets in motion TropiCaos’ entry into the esports market. Currently, TropiCaos provides services and has partnerships with a variety of organizations in professional cricket, hockey, and soccer clubs.

Horizm uses artificial intelligence, a fundamental methodology for real-time tracking and assessment of the esports ecosystem and digital audience. This type of activation looks to create significant growth in esports while expanding Horizm’s presence.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider)

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