“PetPals” Is The First Free-To-Play Web-Based NFT Game That Operates On Blockchain

The free-to-play web-based NFT game PetPals recently held a pre-sale for the platform’s native token, $PAL, on August 23rd. Users pledged 450 BNB ($215K) to the website.

PetPals is a virtual pet-based game that operates in the platform’s universe, Petootie, on the continental island of Mystyria. In this world, intelligent animals, that you control, fight each other for resources and dominance to be the best player in Petootie. Top players will be eligible to earn NFT and blockchain-based rewards.

What PetPals does differently is staking the platform’s native token $PAL in ‘Petboxes’ -Staking is a popular feature of decentralized finance platforms and involves committing a certain amount of resources to be locked away for a certain amount of time and rewards to be given later,” writes Benzinga‘s Cagla Ertugrul. “There is also the option to stake both the native token and mint PetPals into NFTs for faster character evolution and immortalization of uber-rare collectible characters on the blockchain – forever. For anyone not paying attention for the last 12 months, NFTs, or ‘non-fungible tokens’ are the digital representation of ownership of a specific asset, whether digital or in real life. Essentially, PetPals NFT/Staking model allows users to earn an income both from the NFTs themselves and from the platform’s native token.”

At this time, it is unclear when the PetPals platform will officially launch. However, the website does currently offer a variety of mini-games.

(All information was provided by Benzinga, Globe Newswire, and PetPals)

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