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100 Thieves Planning Return To “Apex Legends”

The esports org 100 Thieves recently announced it would be returning to competitive play in the hit video game Apex Legends. On October 8th, the organization introduced its newest three-person team.

Alex “scuwry” Scala, Brendan “Onmuu” Pode, and Nicholas “Vein” Hobbs have combined for nine years of professional gaming experience. All three players are from North America.

100 Thieves had fielded a competitive Apex Legends team in the past. However, the entire group was released in 2019, causing the organization to step away from that sector of the gaming scene until recently.

The Profit‘s Take:

Does it hurt esports when you have organizations constantly rotating in and out of games when they’re good versus when they’re bad? I mean, it’s no coincidence that 100 Thieves has reemerged now that Apex has reemerged. Maybe part of it is a talent problem. They signed expensive talent to compete on the team, so when the game went away, it wasn’t justifiable to continue to spend the money to keep that talent around. But now that it has returned, spending money on that type of talent makes sense. This is so different from traditional sports. You would never hear the owner of the Miami Dolphins say “we’re not that good, and the fan base isn’t as strong as usual. We’re just not going to field a team this year.”

(All information was provided by Dexerto and Liquipedia[1,2,3])

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