Details On ZIPPA Launch Plan Provided By World Gaming Group

On October 8th, World Gaming Group unveiled more details about the formal launch plan of the company’s ZIPPA platform. This comes after the company revealed it had recently finished building the gaming program.

Once the base platform was finished, WGG began developing new features that will be integrated into the platform and tested before its official launch. At this time, ZIPPA is in its internal beta testing stage.

“Our Pro-Gamer partners will not only provide tremendous value with their insights into the platform but will also be early marketing partners by introducing ZIPPA to their many followers. We expect the Pro-Gamer partners to adopt the ZIPPA platform for its unique features, but also because our business model will allow high profile partners to profit from this collaborative marketing campaign,” said David Postula, company president.

The formal beta testing for the program will begin in November. The official market launch of ZIPPA is scheduled for sometime in the middle of December.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire)

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