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Super League Gaming Acquires Roblox Ad Platform Bloxbiz

On October 7th, Super League Gaming announced it had acquired the advertisement technology platform Bloxbiz. According to Forbes, the deal could be worth up to $17.5 million.

“We believe the acquisition of Bloxbiz is game-changing for Super League,” said Ann Hand, CEO of Super League. “This deal allows us to execute on our plans to boldly extend our reach in the metaverse, something we hope will appeal to our investors and the broader market. We are thrilled to have the leader of in-game advertising on board to reach the vast audience that exists within Roblox.”

Bloxbiz is a dynamic advertisement technology platform designed for metaverse-style environments. The company is mainly utilized in Roblox and other online gaming services. The organization reportedly reaches 25 million Roblox users each month in 75 different games and experiences.

Super League Gaming is a video game content/community platform that was established in 2014. The company currently trades stock on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol “SLGG”

The Profit‘s Take:

They have no strategy. Super League Gaming has no clue what it’s doing. They’re just buying random companies. They paid $17.5 million for a business that, as far as I can tell, has no revenue. I don’t know if they’re a tech company or a media company or what. If you’re a NASDAQ-listed organization, I don’t get why you would go out and buy all these random types of assets. I’m not saying Bloxbiz is bad. In fact, advertising in Roblox is usually a good thing. I just think SLGG has a non-cohesive business strategy, which is why its stock price is what it is.

(All information was provided by Forbes, GlobeNewswire, and Google)

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