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Chipotle Opens Virtual Restaurant On Roblox Platform

On October 26th, Chipotle announced it would be opening a virtual location on the children’s gaming platform Roblox. As a part of this deal, the restaurant chain revealed it would be giving away $1 million in free burritos through this virtual experience.

Starting on October 28th and running through the 31st, the first 30,000 Roblox users to visit the virtual location in a Chipotle-inspired costume will receive a code for a free burrito that can be used on the company’s website or app in real life. This offer will be renewed every day after 6:30 PM EST. The codes that users receive are valid through November 14th.

“As a digital innovator, we are always experimenting on new platforms to meet our guests where they are,” said Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer at Chipotle. “Roblox’s popularity has boomed over the past year, and we know our fans will be excited to celebrate the next evolution of Boorito in the metaverse.”

Chipotle also announced it would be launching its Chipotle Boorito Maze on the gaming platform. Players that are able to navigate their way through the maze will unlock Chipotle-inspired costumes for their avatars. These are the same costumes that must be worn by players visiting the virtual restaurant in order to be eligible to receive the coupon code for a free burrito.

The Profit‘s Take:

Congratulations! Chipotle is the first metaverse restaurant. The next evolution in this crossover is creating a virtual location that you can place a real-life order at, so you can order food in Roblox and have it show up to your door in real life. There will be significant pressure for all retailers to build out a metaverse presence going forward.

(All information was provided by Chipotle and Fox Business)

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