Women And Gaming: The First G2 Esports Women Group

Esports is experiencing real hype. For several years now, the prize money for tournaments has been getting higher and higher. The number of viewers for the live streams is also enormous. In some cases, more than 100,000 viewers follow the games in esports live. Due to the advancing digitization, activities on the Internet are becoming more and more popular.

In addition to esports, online casinos are also becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Therefore, there are providers of online casinos all over the world, which makes it difficult to find the right one. But there are helpful websites to learn more about finding a suitable place to gamble. The evolution of the web has led to a huge number of players and a lot of them want to play professionally. Also, there is an increasing number of women playing professionally online and the G2 Esports women group is the best example.

Why is the virtual sport so popular?

Compared to normal sports, the virtual variant has many advantages. Because here, it is not a matter of physical condition to be able to succeed. Those who are too slow in real soccer can switch to the virtual soccer field. So you don’t really have to be athletic to play esports on the Internet.

The various possibilities are another important factor in favor of esports. Because with just a few clicks, you can play a tactical shooter instead of FIFA. Such variety is not available in real life.

Young people grow up with video games. It’s completely normal to be interested in the topics you’re surrounded by in everyday life. So it’s no wonder that esports are so popular among the new generations. After all, if you play video games yourself, you are very likely to be interested in professional sports in this field.

Playing in the casino online or online casinos in general: Internet becomes more and more present

Crucial to the popularity of esports is also the development of the Internet. Most people now have access to the World Wide Web. A good example of this is playing in a casino online or online casinos in general. Because more and more providers offer their service on the Internet, the physical gaming halls are becoming fewer and fewer.

So there is a clear development to observe.  More and more people are using the Internet. The scope of use is also becoming much higher. For example, in esports, it can be seen that people no longer want to play video games only by themselves. Rather, there is a greater interest in the entire spectrum of video games. Many follow the developers of the games on social media and watch live streams of their favorite games.

Do you get better by watching esports?

Many follow the games in esports to improve their own skills. Because the pros are often right in their moves, the live streams serve as a guide for many to become better at the game. This effect can occur in a variety of video games.

If you watch an esports player play FIFA, you can learn a lot from them. The running routes can be better understood and the passes arrive better at the teammate. But also in other video games like League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive there are many tricks that you can learn from the pros.

G2 presents first esports team with female lineup

Esports have become increasingly popular in recent years. So it was only a matter of time before the first esports women were presented. For G2, known as G2 Gozen, five women will compete in the video game VALORANT in the future. Also special was the fact that for the first time, a compensation sum was paid for a female esports player. Anja Vasalic, known as “aNNJa”, was signed up by the English team for an unknown sum.

The team, composed only of women, is supposed to shape a new era. It is a selection of the best female esports players united at G2. The team was founded not too long ago, which is why there are no results to analyze yet. Nevertheless, there are already the statements of the team members that sound consistently positive.

G2 team looks forward to the challenge

The team captain of the new G2 team will be Julia Kiran, known as “juliano”. The leader of the newly formed team has been involved with video games all her life. According to her own statement, she started playing Counter-Strike when she was eleven years old. Five years later, she was already playing in her first tournaments. So it was clear early on that Julia Kiran is very talented. After the team was founded, she said that they definitely want to be successful. She did not define a goal, but she definitely wants to achieve a lot.

The other members of the team are also looking forward to the new challenge. After all, they are all doing their part to shape a new era in esports. By the way, the women have to train just as long as the men. According to “juliano,” the team trains for at least eight hours. Every day.

Esports was dominated by men for a long time

Although esports is becoming more and more popular in society, it is still a typical male sport. But no one really knows why that is. The only explanation is the fact that video games tend to be played by men anyway.

But esports is definitely a sport that can be interesting for women as well. After all, playing on the computer or console can be fun for anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female.

G2 is particularly important, not to differentiate between male and female teams. As the CEO of G2’s Esports department says: “It’s not our women’s esports team, it’s our VALORANT team! In general, the goal is to work more with female esports players in the future.”

Mixed teams are also conceivable, they say. In this way, they want to fight against the cliché of male sports. Julia Kiran and her teammates said that they had often been confronted with bullying. In the scene, it is not usual for women to participate in tournaments or competitions.

What is Valorant?

But what is the VALORANT game, which the five women will be playing in the future, all about? The free multiplayer first-person shooter was only released in 2020, but it already has its own esports scene. The game is a bit like the well-known Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Like CS:GO, VALORANT is also turn-based. During the breaks, players can buy new weapons and items to be stronger in the next round. In the battles, it’s all about tactics and precision. The five women will fight in exciting duels for the title in the future, that much is certain.

(All information was provided by Pelin Canpolat)

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