The Tokyo Game Show Kicks Off

On September 30th, the Tokyo Game Show official kicked off the festivities just east of the capital of Japan. The event had a physical exhibit that was open to select groups of guests for the first time in almost two years. Additionally, a virtual setup was installed for those interested in remotely attending the event.

“The event was held entirely online last year but we received a lot of requests from the general public saying they wanted to try out the games and learn more about them,” said Yoshihiko Yoshimoto, a spokesperson for the Tokyo Game Show management office. “So this year, we prepared a real venue and invited media and influencers to present the details of the game.”

The four-day event saw participation from over 350 companies from around the globe. This included presentations from major gaming organizations like Capcom, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, and so on.

All of the events from the exhibit can be viewed for free online. The content was streamed to websites like YouTube and DouYu.

(All information was provided by Kyodo News)

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