Report Shows Millennials Prefer Mobile Gaming

A new report was recently released by TapJoy that comes as part of the organization’s Modern Mobile Gamer series. According to this study, 82% of millennials play video games on their mobile devices. Additionally, the report said that 70% of millennials play mobile games on a daily basis.

“They have a unique perspective: They remember life before the internet but also can’t imagine life without it,” said Lauren Baca, Tapjoy’s senior director of marketing. “And they’re just as tech-savvy and attached to their mobile devices as Gen Z, especially when it comes to gaming and shopping. Rewarded ads offer the best of both worlds — they connect Millennials with relevant offers and brands while empowering them to get more out of their mobile games.”

There was a huge disparity amongst millennials when it came to mobile gaming and other forms of gameplay. In fact, only 37% of millennials preferred console gaming while 27% said they preferred to play games on their PCs.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat)

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