ValkyRae’s Skincare Line Reportedly Discountinued Following Backlash

On October 19th, Rachell “ValkyRae” Hofstetter launched a new line of skincare products called RFLCT. Some of the gamer-focused items that were released included facial cleansers, moisturizing shields, gel treatments, and more.

Shortly after the products were launched, RFLCT was swarmed with a backlash of controversy. This came because the line of products promised to “protect against and repair blue light damage” that is caused by over-exposure to digital screens.

“Even with a big-ass monitor you would need days or months to get the same blue light as 15 minutes in the sun,” said Lab Muffin’s Dr. Michelle Wong in a TikTok video. “And if you do want to protect from blue light from the sun, which honestly isn’t a big issue for most people, these products still probably won’t do much. The active ingredients are antioxidants, which could potentially mop up the free radicals that the light causes in your skin, but that’s so much less effective than blocking the blue light from getting into your skin in the first place, like a sunscreen. For that, you’d use foundations or tinted sunscreens which have iron oxides in them. And you probably have antioxidants in your skincare already. I’m sure the products are fine, they’re reasonably priced, they’ll probably get more people into looking after their skin. They probably could’ve included a sunscreen. But chill out on the screen thing.”

Following this backlash, RFLCT skincare products have suddenly vanished. This has caused rumors to swirl that indicate the RFLCT venture has been “scrapped indefinitely.” As of October 30th, RFLCT skincare products are “no longer available.”

(All information was provided by Dot Esports, Essentially Sports, Google, and PC Gamer)

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