“Dr DisRespect” Plays “PUBG Mobile” On Final Day Of 13 Days Of Halloween Event

Special guest Dr DisRespect made an appearance on the final day of the 13 Days of Halloween event, where he played PUBG Mobile with three teams, all named after his brand descriptors: Team Violence (Medalcore, Wynnsanity, and Rollexxx), Team Momentum (HotJukes, Her Gaming, and LU Power), and Team Speed (Bushka, Bellafox, and Jacob Gaming). The event, organized by Tencent and Aftershock Media Group, went from October 17th to the 29th.

After playing alongside those three teams, the Doc selected three players to join him in the grand finale. The week prior, PUBG Mobile held a “who will Doc choose” contest, where those lucky enough to pick correctly were entered in a contest to win AirPod Pros or an iPhone 13, or a 2021 Ural Sidecar Motorcycle.

This is not Dr DisRespect’s first foray into mobile gaming. Last May, he participated in the Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Kill Race with iFerg. However, this was the Doc’s first time playing the mobile version of PUBG during a stream.

Dr Disrespect, who once famously tweeted that “mobile gamers aren’t real gamers,” has now found himself competing in that realm, ironically. However, he did apologize and clarify later in a live stream that the tweet was done in a “spur moment.”

(All information was provided by Dot Esports and IGN)

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