KFC Gaming Takes Shot At PlayStation After Disappointing “State Of Play” Event

PlayStation has been hearing it from all sides following their disappointing “State of Play” event on October 27th. Now KFC Gaming has entered the chat, posting a meme on Twitter that rubs more salt into the wounds for PlayStation. The meme depicts an enthusiastic PlayStation fan waiting for the “Sony State of Play” and the resulting disappointment many of them felt while watching the gaming showcase.

The KFC Gaming Twitter account is no stranger to roasting prominent esports industry figures. It has nearly 270,000 followers who appreciate the tongue-in-cheek style used by the account. They are even known to poke fun at themselves, recently unveiling a KFC Console that can play games as it heats chicken.

KFC Gaming on Twitter has its finger on the pulse of the video game industry, regularly sharing memes about new releases, popular streamers, upcoming titles, game delays, console shortages, classic games, and so on. Although gamers continue to struggle to get their hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, even fewer have been able to acquire a KFC Console. KFC Gaming doesn’t show allegiance to any of the consoles on the market today, but it appears as if it was looking forward to some big announcements during the recent “Sony State of Play” that never came.

Although PlayStation fans are disappointed right now, the publisher likely has a lot of good games in the works that are just not ready to be shown off yet. A number of PlayStation players have even found things to appreciate about the “Sony State of Play” such as Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach and the upcoming Bugsnax DLC. Because KFC Gaming is known for making jokes at anyone’s expense, it’s likely that it will have something to say about the next poor gaming showcase whether it’s from Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox.

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