Geekay Esports Expands Portfolio With Signing Of Emirati “VALORANT” Team

Geekay Esports, the esports division of Geekay Group, announced the signing of an Emirati VALORANT team, who’s already participated in a few tournaments such as the Geekay Scouting Tournament, the Emirates Esports Festival 2021, and the Strike Arabia Championship. Geekay Esports aims to support the team logistically and financially, to overcome the difficulties that most MENA teams face when trying to enter the global stage, and help them build a career in esports without worrying about the next paycheck.

The team is made up of:

• Kasper – Mohamed Hussein Nawab
• Aimhunter – Khalid Mohamed Karamastaji
• Infestor – Sultan Maleki
• FR1 – Saif Alameri
• Dutch – Hamed Abdulrahman Mohammed Abdulla Kayed

“When VALORANT came out, I saw the potential in the game and decided to make the switch from CS:GO,” said Kasper. “Learning the game took some time, and it became our main game and I started focusing on VALORANT itself. Our team was officially created three days before Strike Arabia, grouping together a bunch of friends: Kasper, FR1, Aimhunter, Infestor, and Dutch. We were one of the first teams to qualify for Strike Arabia LAN Event, and it was a grand feeling to grab the attention of Geekay Esports and get the support of such a great organization.”

The group also plans to host university and school-level tournaments across the UAE in partnership with various outlets in education to recruit players at the grassroots level. These tournaments will function as scouting events, providing young athletes with the chance to compete at a higher level.

Additionally, these tournaments aim to educate the upcoming professional esports generation on balancing their time, highlighting the requirements and dedication needed to be a pro player, and breaking some nuances and stereotypes around the industry. Research shows that teams that focus their time on six daily hours of training with mental health breaks perform far better than those who crunch in more than six hours of training.

(All information was provided by Gulf Business and Techx)

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