Misfits Gaming Group Unveils Thece Partnership

Misfits Gaming Group recently announced it had partnered with the mobile ad engagement platform Thece. As a result, Thece will help Misfits create more advertising opportunities by assisting the company in the establishment of short-term brand deals.

“We put together this influencer-driven content program and it went extremely well,” said Misfit Gaming Group’s Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Justin Stefanovic. “From that, we launched our Misfits Agency where we said, `hey we work with a lot of these brands, we can bring unique opportunities for influencers, and start commercials and content with these brands that is different from what your traditional esports team does.’”

Thece is a platform that allows companies to enter the esports industry without being forced into long-term commitments. It is being reported that Thece established an entry-level program with MGG that will give advertisers access to eight of the organization’s influencers during a two-week period.

Thece is an esports-based advertisement technology platform. The company was founded in 2018 and is currently headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

(All information was provided by Esports Insider, LinkedIn, and Thece)

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