Private Funding Round Nets Project SEED $3.1M

On October 31st, Project SEED announced it had successfully closed a private funding round worth $3.1 million. This money will reportedly be used to help the organization expand its blockchain-based gaming metaverse ecosystem.

This funding round was led by Huobi Ventures, Solar Eco Fund, Cipholio, Solana Capital, and BlackEdge Capital. Additional investments came from high-profile venture capitalists like Basics Capital, UG Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, and Minted Lab.

“We expect to see a full-fledged Project SEED under this new milestone of a driving momentum from our prestigious partners. The world can prepare for a game-changer in the near future,” said Liko Subakti, CEO of Project SEED.

Project SEED is a multichain gaming ecosystem that looks to make blockchain gaming mainstream. The organization recently held an IDO (Initial Dex Offering) on November 9th.

(All information was provided by The Kingston Whig-Standard)

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