Gwoop Raises $1.8 Million To Build Esports Training Platform

Gwoop Inc. announced it has just closed on a $1.85 million round of seed funding to expand its free training platform for K-12 gamers. The web-based platform’s series of exercises are focused on improving gamers’ reaction times, visual memory, and speed. In one exercise, the reaction time trainer requires players to click their mouse every time the screen changes from green to orange. Another mouse control exercise calls on players to drag a ball through a winding track.

“Where we’re focused is being genre-agnostic,” said Gavin Lee, Founder of Gwoop. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a shooter gamer or a sports [game] player or whatever you play. We cater to the all-around athlete.”

Lee said Gwoop has gained influence by attracting gamers at over 1,000 high school esports teams and has extended into a partnership with computer accessory maker Logitech Inc. to provide an esports enablement grant that will assist these institutions in efforts to launch their own esports teams.

Moving forward, Gwoop plans to monetize by offering an upgraded platform for teams with more than thirty players. The company is also working to launch an avatar dashboard that will allow gamers to buy outfits for their characters.

(All information was provided by Minne Inno)

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