“League Of Legends” Recorded 180M In October

October was a record-breaking month for Riot Games. In a statement released by the company following the launch of the League of Legends‘ RiotX Arcane event, the organization announced that 180 million active users played League of Legends last month, which was a record number for the video game publisher.

“Today, there are more players enjoying our games worldwide than ever before, validating our confidence in the League of Legends IP as we begin a new era with the launch of Arcane,” said Riot’s CEO Nicolo Laurent, in a written statement. “Together with players, we want to establish gaming as the center of global entertainment.”

RiotX Arcane is a cross-game, cross-platform experience launched on the hit game League of Legends. RiotX Arcane events will run throughout the entire month of November.

(All information was provided by Riot Games, RiotX Arcane, TheGamer)

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