Team Vitality Unveils India-Based Esports Training Center

In late October, Team Vitality unveiled the organization’s brand new esports training facility in India. This venue will house Team Vitality players, coaches, managers, and support staff.

“The current climate in India is actually interesting: as it reminds everyone that video games are products and that some interests can be broader than the ones that we may have.” said Vitality’s Chief Marketing Officer, Florent “ElChikito” Gutierrez, in a January 2021 interview with Esports Insider. “We are still committed to entering India, we will continue our groundwork to launch a team in the best conditions ever, and our target is still to do that in 2021!” 

The three-story center has been outfitted with several important esports spaces and amenities. This includes a leisure area with gaming consoles, a training facility with four streaming booths, a lounge area, and a war room where members of Team Vitality can take part in video game scrimmages and tournaments.

Team Vitality is a world-famous European esports organization that is headquartered in France. The company has teams competing in several well-known video games like CS:GO, Rocket League, Fortnite, VALORANT, and so on.

(All information was provided by Animation Xpress, Esports Insider, Team Vitality, and Wikipedia)

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