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“TimTheTatMan” And “Pokimane” Have Very Different Feelings About Esports Organizations

Timothy “TimTheTatMan” Betar recently announced he agreed to a partnership with Complexity Gaming. As a result of this deal, the YouTube streamer is now expected to become a part-owner of the Texas-based gaming organization.

It was recently revealed that “TimTheTatMan” would now be streaming his content exclusively on YouTube Gaming. This announcement was first made at the beginning of September.

Despite the success of “TimTheTatMan”, not every streamer loves the idea of joining an esports team. In fact, “Pokimane”, who is arguably the most famous streamer in the world, said she has been getting “a lot” of big-money offers to join major gaming organizations. Even though she has been garnering attention from these companies, Pokimane said she is not interested in signing with any of these businesses.

“I’ve got a lot of offers from organizations, but I always felt like I don’t want to. Even throughout my whole come-up, I got offers. Look, I don’t know, I want to just be me. I don’t want to be under another company,” said Imane “Pokimane” Anys. “I don’t want anybody telling me what to do, how to live. Do you think every creator has to be in an org? I actually think a lot of creators get lowballed by organizations. But I understand if they don’t value branding much.”

The Profit‘s Take:

This is definitely a jab at some other content creators. Regardless, I love the dichotomy of these two stories. On one hand, you have a major content creator signing to an org while another says they will NEVER sign with a gaming org. I totally get why some people would go to a major streaming company. Dr Lupo essentially said he went to YouTube Gaming so that he can have job safety and security. Streaming is basically a one-man show where sponsors support your livelihood. If somebody comes along and says “hey, I’m going to take all this work off your plate so you can just focus on streaming,” that would be an incredible burden lifted off that content creator’s shoulders. That’s why I don’t understand Pokimane’s position on this issue. Her brand is not worth more because she is an independent content creator rather than a member of an esports org. I’m not convinced that this decision helps her grow her brand and presence. This is probably a great personal choice for Pokimane but also, simultaneously, a bad business decision. I am sure TimTheTatMan will be given equity in the company as a part of this deal. I doubt he invested his own money into Complexity.

(All information was provided by Dexerto, The Dallas Morning News, The Verge, and YouTube)

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