Twitch Removes iOS Sub Tokens, Making It Easier For Users To Subscribe To Streamers From Their iPhone

Twitch is doing away with sub tokens on iOS, making it easier for viewers to subscribe to streamers from their Apple devices. Prior to this change, users could subscribe from an iPhone, but instead of having to use a sub token manually from their phones each month, they can now use a recurring sub that renews automatically.

“Recurring monthly subs are now LIVE on iOS. No more iOS Sub Tokens,” Twitch wrote to their subscribers in an email. “Just a simple, consistent way for viewers to sub to their favorites whether they’re watching on iOS, Android, or web. What’s this mean for you? We recommend reminding your viewers, if they’re on iOS, to update their Twitch app for the new sub experience and to redeem any Sub Tokens by January 10th, 2022. This makes subbing easier and, we believe, will lead to more consistent support for creators like you month over month.”

Starting December 1st, Twitch users will no longer be able to purchase new sub tokens but will be able to use existing ones until January 10th, when they will no longer be supported. This sub renewal service already existed on the web and Android devices, but now iOS users will be able to access it too. Viewers had previously complained that it was difficult to subscribe to streamers and effectively rack up sub-streaks from certain mobile devices.

Twitch is also adjusting the price of subscriptions on iOS in some regions as part of agreements with its mobile app store partners. In South Africa and some European countries, viewers will see a slight price increase, while viewers in some Asia-Pacific and Latin American countries will see a small price decrease. These new prices take effect when the Twitch app is updated to iOS 11.9 or later.

(All information was provided by Esports News UK)

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