Ed Sheeran Collaborates With “Pokemon GO,” Meets Squirtle

Pokemon Go is partnering with Grammy winner Ed Sheeran for a special experience this month to promote Sheeran’s new album =. The event will see Sheeran’s favorite type, water Pokemon, appearing more frequently in the wild, along with a special Squirtle wearing sunglasses who may be encountered once trainers finish the event field research tasks. And as always, trainers might get lucky and encounter a shiny water Pokemon. The event began on November 22nd and runs until December. 

Niantic has hinted at a special surprise when trainers take a snapshot of their Pokemon. Trainers can also customize their trainer avatars with an = sweatshirt that they can redeem using a specific code found on Pokemon Go’s website.

Other event giveaways include water-type Pokemon stickers which trainers can get when they spin PokeStops or by opening gifts. Trainers can also purchase them from the in-game shop. There is also a one-time free event box that includes: one lure module, 20 Pokeballs, 10 razz berries, and 10 pinap berries.

Aside from the many in-game bonuses, Sheeran will give a special performance that includes his top hits, as well as songs from his new album. The performance will be available via the Pokemon Go app on the same day that the event starts. The song Overpass Graffiti will also be featured as in-game music every night during the promotion.

(All information was provided by Philstar)

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