Sega And Microsoft Considering Partnership

On November 1st, Sega revealed that the organization had been exploring a potential strategic alliance with Microsoft. According to Reuters, this deal would see the entities work together to launch “big-budget” titles using Microsoft’s cloud gaming technology.

Sega is reportedly interested in developing games through Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. While this info was revealed in a stock exchange statement, the companies did not go into detail about the potential deal.

“The biggest hurdle for Sega to grow its own ‘mega’ online games is arguably cloud infrastructure, which this Azure partnership quite easily resolves,” writes Jez Corden of Windows Central. “I’ve seen many people detract from this partnership as meaning nothing for Xbox, and that was my initial assumption too. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that this deal was in fact brokered by Xbox, rather than Microsoft itself. Microsoft CVP Sarah Bond for Gaming Ecosystem and her team spearheaded this partnership for Xbox, and the technologies Xbox is deploying as part of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform.”

This rumor benefitted Sega’s stock price. Shares in the company increased by 6% in morning trading following this announcement.

(All information was provided by Reuters and Windows Central)

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