Epic Games Hosts 2021 Fortnitemares Cup

On October 21st, Epic Games and Fortnite announced the launch of the 2021 Fortnitemares Cup. This Halloween-themed event is expected to be the first-ever Player-versus-environment esports tournament centered around the game’s Horde Rush mode.

The event ran from 2 AM EST on October 22nd to 2 PM EST on October 24th. Individuals were eligible to compete in the tournament through the Horde Rush game mode. Once entered, players were tasked with earning as many points as possible in five Horde Rush matches in order to earn a place on a global tournament leaderboard.

Users could complete tasks to earn 500-2000 points. Every 1,000 points earned in Horde Rush would equate to one tournament point. From there, the cumulative score from all five matches would be converted into tournament points which would then place players on a global leaderboard. The highest-scoring players were eligible to receive in-game cosmetics and other types of prizes.

(All information was provided by Epic Games [1,2] and Esportz Network)

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