Snap Launches Arcadia To Create Augmented Reality Advertisements

Snap Inc. is launching a new studio, called Arcadia, to help brands create augmented reality advertising and experiences, part of a move to popularize the use of technology that can overlay computer-generated images onto a person’s view of the real world.

Arcadia will help brands build AR experiences, not just for Snapchat, but for any other social media apps or websites where it wants to place content. “The goal is to push the boundaries of what’s possible in AR,” said Jeff Miller, global head of creative strategy at Snap.

Arcadia has already acquired three clients: P&G Beauty, Verizon Communications Inc, and World Wrestling Entertainment. The studio will handle all of the brands’ AR work and strategy for them.

Arcadia will operate as a division of Snap, working with companies in a project-based capacity, providing advice to brands and ad agencies through workshops.

(All information was provided by Brand Equity)

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