COVID-19 Pandemic Caused Chess To Become More Popular

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been an incredibly difficult time for most types of leisure activities. However, Chess has actually had a recent surge in popularity thanks to all the time people that are spending more time at home.

In March of 2020, had almost 30 million users. However, that number has since grown to 75 million as of November of 2021. Moreover, the average amount of daily website users skyrocketed to 120,000 people from 60,000.

Physical sales of chessboard and chess sets have also benefitted from the Pandemic. In fact, retailers reported that Chess sets saw an 87% increase in sales recently. Meanwhile, Chess-related book sales increased by 603% thanks to the release of The Queen’s Gambit in October of last year.

(All information was provided by TheGamer)

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