Razer CEO Says Gaming Laptop Prices Will Spike In 2022

The global chip shortage has caused increased prices for electronics, computer hardware, and cars for over a year now. According to Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, this problem won’t be going away any time soon. Forecasting the direction of his company’s self-branded line of gaming laptops, he stated that increased component prices would likely drive up the price of the Razer Blade series significantly.

“Just had a long meeting to review our gaming laptops line for next year – looks like there are significant increases in component costs, etc. and we’ll be seeing price increases for next-gen gaming laptops across the board (including the @Razer Blade) next year,” he Tweeted on November 29th.

But Tan’s prediction isn’t exactly hot gossip in the PC industry. With Intel and AMD in a surprisingly tight fight for processor performance and the demand for PC gaming hardware not slowing down any time soon, it only makes sense that newer and more powerful hardware will be more expensive. Nvidia is making a few motions towards bringing back older, less expensive devices just to throw a bone to gamers on a budget. However, in all other areas of the industry, you can expect better internals to cost more. And, on top of that, it will cost considerably more (in relation to current hardware) than new hardware used to.

When will we see some relief? Even the titans of the computer industry really don’t know. “Probably not in 2022” is about as close as we can get to a consensus.

(All information was provided by PCWorld)

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