WinZO And Gameloft Agree To Partnership

The social gaming platform WinZO recently unveiled a partnership with the French esports company Gameloft. This deal aims to help Gameloft expand into other regional markets and territories, specifically India.

“WinZO is glad to have partnered with yet another world-class publisher Gameloft to help them leverage our strong market presence and its deep understanding,” said Paavan Nanda, the CEO of WinZO. “More than 60 percent of our 65 million+ user base are premium paying users which makes us well-positioned to help big global companies to increase their presence in India’s booming vernacular gaming market. Today, India is at the forefront of the global gaming scenario, and considering that we are at the cusp of this opportunity we believe we can ably leverage our tech and market capabilities to tap this boom and make it noticeable on the global grid.”

Gameloft will use WinZO’s user base of 65 million people to improve the company’s monetization efforts in India. Additionally, this deal will give Gameloft access to India’s Tier 2 through Tier 5 markets.

India currently accounts for 12% of Gameloft’s downloads. However, the Indian market only makes up 0.6% of the organization’s worldwide income. This partnership aims to help the company further monetize this massive market.

(All information was provided by The Economic Times of India and The Hindu Business Line)

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