Five Of India’s Top Ten Content Creators Focused On Gaming

Gaming is becoming more and more prevalent within the Indian YouTube content creation market. In fact, five of the ten most-watched Indian YouTubers were gaming-focused content creators.

The five creators that made the list were Total Gaming (Ajay), Techno Gamerz (Ujjwal Chaurasia), A_S Gaming (Sahil Rana), Lokesh Gamer (Lokesh Raj Singh), and Gyan Gaming (Sujan Mistri). The top accounts were Total Gaming and Techno Gamerz, respectively.

“In 2021, gaming leveled up, emerging as a rich and diverse ground for storytelling and community building, with a notable presence across Top Creators, Top Breakout Creators, Top Women Breakout Creators, and even, Top Shorts Creators. In fact, a five-hour-long gaming live stream of the FreeFire World Series Final in 2021, became one of the most popular videos in India this year,” said Satya Raghavan, Director of YouTube Content Partnerships, India.

Gamers also dominated the breakout content creators category in India. Four of the ten biggest breakout content creators were focused on gaming. This included Aditech (Atharvaditya Singh), Star Gamers (Mir Abdul Kalam), Flight Gamer, and Rai Live.

(All information was provided by Money Control)

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