Gaming Trade Shows Return To Middle America With Midwest Gaming Classic

The 20th annual Midwest Gaming Classic was recently held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Center. This massive trade show saw 10,000 attendees inject $2.1 million into the downtown Milwaukee economy.

The three-day-long event ran from November 5th through November 7th. Single-day tickets cost between $25 and $45. Tickets that granted individuals access to all three days of the event could be purchased for a lump sum of $100.

“The Midwest Gaming Classic is a trade show featuring 150,000+ square feet of retro and modern home video game consoles, pinball machines, arcade video games, tabletop RPGs, computers, tabletop board games, crane games, collectible card games, air hockey, and that’s just the start! The Midwest Gaming Classic is about celebrating gaming, trying new things, learning about the gaming hobby, meeting others who share the love of gaming, and having fun doing it,” reads the MGC website. “No matter if you have one console and a handful of games or thousands of games in every room of your house, you’ll find something to celebrate with us!”

Another edition of the Midwest Gaming Classic will be held in 2022. Tickets for the event, which runs from April 29th to May 1st, can be purchased now.

(All information was provided by Biz Times and MGC)

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