Official Steam Gaming Support Could Be Coming To Chromebook Soon

According to a new report, Steam support could debut on Chromebooks in the coming weeks, giving consumers another potential reason to buy Chrome OS-powered laptops. The report shows two new flags are present in Chrome OS’s latest dev channel build relating to Borealis, the codename of the Steam support project on the platform. The current developer version seems to suggest that Steam support could soon make its soft public debut.

There’s also evidence that the Valve-developed Proton will also be featured, which would effectively provide a compatibility layer within Linux to run supported Windows games. These additions could help transform Chromebooks into viable portable gaming devices.

That said, it’s unlikely that every Chromebook past and present will fully realize the potential of Borealis. Some devices may lack the hardware required to run graphically intensive titles, even with native Steam support. You probably shouldn’t expect the Stream experience on Chrome OS to be flawless from the get-go, either. We’ll have to wait and see how streamlined the experience is once it hits beta.

For now, there’s also no word when Google will kick up the current dev version of Chrome OS into the beta realm. But don’t be too surprised if it releases within the next week or two.

(All information was provided by Android Authority)

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