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Secretlab Partners With Lamborghini

A partnership was recently unveiled between Lamborghini and Secretlab. As a result of this deal, the two organizations will work together to launch a gaming chair for Lamborghini owners.

The line of gaming chairs will be called The Automobili Lamborghini Collection. This “ultra-limited edition” gaming chair is made with carbon fibers and Alcantara elements that are used to make the interior of Lamborghini’s vehicles.

At this time, a starting price for the product has not been announced. However, those interested in purchasing the accessory can sign up to receive updates from Secretlab about the chair’s availability. The Automobili Lamborghini Collection is expected to be released worldwide sometime next year.

The Profit‘s Take:

Gaming chair reviews and news is basically the most important thing we do here at The Business of Esports. I never fully understood why gaming chairs were modeled after car racing seats. Racing seats are quite uncomfortable, not designed for long periods of use and exist to keep you in your seat under significant G-forces. However, if you put a Lamborghini logo on a gaming chair modeled after a racing seat, now it makes a lot more sense.

(All information was provided by Bleeding Cool, PC Gamer, Secretlab)

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