Esports Gaming Arena Opens Up In Columbus, Ohio

A new esports gaming arena opened up on December 17th outside the Polaris Fashion Place mall in Columbus, Ohio. Measuring more than 12,000-square-feet, this arena becomes the largest U.S. venue operated by Belong Gaming Arenas, which operates 27 arenas in the United Kingdom and two in Texas. The venue will seat 84 gamers and each station will feature gear including Omen HP gaming PCs, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X consoles, and Mavix gaming chairs. Players can get memberships or rent stations by the hour.

“Columbus has always had a passionate gaming community behind it and is home to our sister company Esports Engine,” said Martyn Gibbs, CEO of Belong Gaming Arenas. “We can’t wait to provide a new home for gaming culture to continue growing in the Columbus area.”

The Polaris venue is part of an ambitious expansion plan by Belong Gaming Arenas, which was acquired in 2020 by the esports company Vindex, an investor in the Columbus-based broadcasting and programming firm Esports Engine. Vindex plans to open 300 Belong Gaming Arenas over the next five years, starting with facilities in Chicago and Nashville in addition to the Texas and Columbus sites.

Each Belong Gaming Arena will develop a team for different games to compete against other Belong teams, using Esports Engine’s platforms. The Polaris team will be called the Polaris Pilots. Next year, Belong Gaming plans to launch the Arena Clash program, allowing the Pilots to compete against other teams. 

(All information was provided by The Columbus Dispatch)

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