Newzoo Says Japan Prefers Single-Player Gaming

A new report on people’s gaming tendencies in Japan was recently released by Newzoo. In this study, it was revealed that Japanese gamers prefer single-player gaming experiences. In fact, the number of people that prefer single-player games was higher in Japan than anywhere else in the world.

45% of Japanese gamers said they prefer multiplayer modes on their PC and console games, meaning 55% prefer single-player experiences. This is much lower than the global average which is 62% on consoles and 60% on PCs.

Role-playing games were the popular genre for Japanese gamers. 45% of Japanese gamers said it was their genre of choice for console games while that number is usually 23% globally. According to Newzoo’s report, the games most likely to have been played in Japan are Pokemon, Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat)

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