NFT Kart Racing Game Created By Blue Monster Games

On December 10th, Blue Monster Games officially launched the Kart Racing League, making it the world’s first NFT-based kart racing game. This launch comes on the heels of a $7.5 million raise by the company thanks to cryptocurrency and NFT sales.

“What a fulfilling rollercoaster this has been for all of us at BMG. Months of hard work and development have culminated into the launch of this impressive and uniquely empowering game that we are all extremely proud of,” says Joseph Rubin, CEO of Blue Monster Games. “As the first NFT game of its kind, we believe Kart Racing League will help cement our status as frontrunners in this revolutionary new wave of play-to-earn blockchain games. Many thanks to our loyal community of fans and token holders who have displayed unwavering support and patience throughout our journey thus far,” continued Rubin.

This Mario Kart-style blockchain title is a play-to-earn game. In the Kart Racing League, players go head-to-head on virtual tracks using 3D NFT characters. These racers serve as valuable digital assets that can be purchased on the KRL NFT marketplace.

Each race winner receives in-game cryptocurrency rewards known as the Essence of Creation (EOC). These tokens can be exchanged for real money on cryptocurrency exchange marketplaces. On top of that, owners of NFT racers can passively earn income by lending out their characters to other players.

The Kart Racing League was launched on web browsers as well as supported Android devices. An iOS version of the game was made available during the week of December 17th.

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