Microsoft Was Reportedly Willing To Bring Xbox Games To Apple Devices

A series of emails between Microsoft and Apple executives were recently discovered by The Verge. In these documents, it was revealed that Microsoft was reportedly open to the idea of bringing Xbox games to Apple platforms. MacRumors reports that Microsoft said it had been willing to bring AAA Xbox games to the iPhone by running them on the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform, xCloud. Had a deal been reached between the two sides, iPhone users could have played Xbox games on their mobile devices.

Apple wanted Microsoft to submit each game individually to the Apple App Store. While Microsoft did express concerns about this idea, they tentatively agreed to these conditions with Apple in March of 2020.

Even though an agreement was almost completed, nothing ever ended up being officially signed. Ultimately, Xbox Cloud Gaming was launched as a web-based platform that does not need to abide by Apple App Store rules. Apple went on to tell The Verge that in-app purchase requirements led to the deal falling apart.

(All information was provided by MacRumors)

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