Zelus Esports To Launch New Platform For Non-Profits, Organizations, And Media Companies

Zelus Esports announced the launching of new marketing, media, and business solution company centered around the esports and recreational gaming space. Zelus wants to empower organizations, non-profits, and media companies with the ability to enhance their brands and create new, scalable revenue streams.

“The genesis of Zelus began over a year ago when our team explored new engagement and revenue stream opportunities for clients in the digital space,” said Michael Cutchall, CEO of Zelus. “We feel this is a mission for us, given the combination of our backgrounds and the arrival of this new technology. We have the platform, and we have the know-how. We can help non-profits find new and progressive ways to raise money: partner with corporations on connecting to their workforce in a safe and engaging way to build teamwork and culture; and support media companies as they design innovative platforms to reach and grow new audiences.”

Zelus and their technology partner Rival, are recognized as a global market leader in esports, with over 25 professional teams as part of its portfolio. Together, they bring the popularity of esports and casual gaming to companies and organizations through unrivaled technology, combined with marketing and sales expertise, providing a turnkey, custom-label experience.

There are 2.6 billion gamers globally, with 65% of American adults playing video games. Zelus Esports provides a compelling platform that engages this massive community in a meaningful and authentic way, connecting brands and hard-to-reach consumers organically through fan-based experiences.

(All information was provided by GlobeNewswire)

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