Twitch Star xQc Encourages Community To Subscribe And Donate To Smaller Streamers

Twitch star xQc spoke on his future goals for his community and encouraged his viewers to subscribe and donate to smaller streamers during his broadcast on December 18th. He discussed how his earning had changed drastically compared to his early days in streaming due to corporate sponsorships and other parties. The October Twitch payout leak revealed xQc was the highest individual earner at $8,454,427.17 from donations, bits, and ads alone from a two-year period. With other sponsors such as G-Fuel, he reportedly makes significantly more from direct payments from companies.

“I want to do more stuff to give things away to chat. We can do things like giveaways and shows for people to win money,” said xQc. “There used to be a time where all my revenue and all the money that the stream made was from people’s contributions such as subs, donations, and bits. These days, it’s not even close anymore. Money comes primarily, and in insane amounts from corporate and other parties that are not chat.”

xQc is not the first massive streamer to encourage their audience to contribute elsewhere in the streaming community. Pokimane notably removed her donation button, while others have set donation limits at as low as $5.00. Though pushing viewers to give to other streamers and help grow the streaming industry, xQc made it clear that he was still thankful for all the support and donations that had built his stream up to this point.

“I always do appreciate that you guys subscribe, but if you guys watch any other smaller streamers you should subscribe to these guys or prime to smaller streamers,” xQc encouraged. “Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate when you guys subscribe and when you’re here with the emotes. That’s what matters the most to me though, that people are being supported in chat, that everyone is having a good time. I will always appreciate people who subscribe.”

(All information was provided by Dot Esports)

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