Cloud9 Disbands OWL Academy Team British Hurricane

Earlier this month, Cloud9 disbanded its Overwatch League Academy team, British Hurricane, after four years lined with numerous championships and other accomplishments. The British Hurricane was the London Spitfire’s Academy team in Overwatch Contenders, and both the Spitfire and Hurricane were owned by Cloud9.

All players and coaches associated with the British Hurricane will be released at the end of 2021 as Cloud9 ceases all operation regarding the team. While Cloud9 has not offered a definitive reason as to why the Academy team is being disbanded, the organization seems to have set its sights on endeavors across other games, as well as shifting its focus towards the future of the London Spitfire, its main Overwatch League team.

Within the team’s lifetime, the British Hurricane achieved many feats on behalf of Cloud9. They notably went through their entire Contenders 2020 season without losing a single match to any other European team, winning all of Season Two and the Gauntlet at the end of the year. This year, they successfully retained that first place spot at the end of Contenders Season One and the beginning of Season Two. They then fell to third this past October as part of Season Three.

Cloud9’s main Overwatch League team, the London Spitfire, is still on track to compete in the upcoming OWL season early next year. The destinations of the team members and staff of the British Hurricane affected by this sudden announcement are still unclear. The next season of the OWL is expected to begin in Spring 2022, using a development build of Overwatch 2 for all matches. The release date for Overwatch 2 has yet to be revealed.

(All information was provided by MSN)

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