Shanghai Ranks As Top Esports City In Asia, Second In The World

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University released a study that ranks Shanghai as the number one city in Asia for esports and the number two city in the world behind Los Angeles, California. A total of 15 cities were evaluated for 20 indexes in five categories, industrial ecology, infrastructure, competitions, clubs, and social influence.

According to the research team, Shanghai has 47 esports venues, tying with Los Angeles and Berlin. It has hosted 13 high-level esports competitions with prize money at or over $1 million, topping the other 14 cities. The high-level events held in Shanghai include seven esports categories, second to nine categories in Los Angeles. These events offered a combined prize of over $54 million, only next to the nearly $65 million in prize money in Seattle. In terms of clubs, Shanghai ranks second in the number of world top 100 esports clubs and athletes, as well as the bonuses the clubs have won and internationalization of clubs, only trailing Los Angeles. Among these indexes, Shanghai has eight of the world’s top 100 esports clubs, while Los Angeles has ten.

Shanghai has so far attracted 80%of related companies, clubs and celebrity teams in China, hosting more than 40% of the over 500 influential esports games in the country every year, according to the report produced by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University team led by Xu Jian, chief expert of its think tank – the Institute of Cultural Innovation and Youth Development.

“Three members of EDG, which won the 2021 League of Legends World Championship recently, are esports athletes registered in Shanghai,” Xu noted. “The development of EDG club, which started in a training room in a residential complex and then settled in the first esports industrial park in China, also reflects the development of the esports industry in Shanghai…But we have to acknowledge that esports will be a mainstream sport in the future. We have seen that the 2022 Asian Games (in Hangzhou) will include eight esports games. We have to enhance professional development of esports as a competitive sport, cultivating professional talent while regulating it with policies to combat irregularities and promoting a healthy cultural environment for esports.”

(All information was provided by Shine)

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