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Bauhutte Has Developed A Hand Massager For Gamers

Bauhutte is at it again. The company that famously produced a gaming bed and a mattress for gamers has introduced a new device: a hand massager for gamers, otherwise known as the MSG-01H-BK Hand Massager.

This desktop-centric device has been specifically designed to soothe gamers’ hands. It is outfitted with 15 air cushions to ease fatigue, even featuring one cushion for each finger. The device also comes with a heating apparatus to ease potential muscle aches.

“‘Hand care before and after the game’ becomes a new habit,” reads the product description. “Gamers’ fingers, which require precise device operation, are unknowingly accumulating fatigue. Take good care with a massager and prepare for the play you want.”

The Bauhutte hand massager is currently available in Japan for $150. According to Kotaku, it is possible that the device “will eventually get an international release.”

The Profit‘s Take:

Maybe Business Of Esports should launch a gaming accessories review channel? I just hope this is compatible with my Razer Finger Sleeves. In all seriousness, I’ve been saying for years that people should be paying attention to the gaming hardware/accessories space. Lots of interesting things to come.

(All information was provided by Bauhutte, Kotaku, and Sora News 24)

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