Former Call Of Duty League Employee Blasts Challengers Scene

Upon announcing his retirement on Twitter, the former Manager of Competition Operations for the CDL, Matthew Zaborowski, described how the Challengers scene is “low-to-no priority for most of the CDL organization.” The league has already been under fire from constant criticism from both fans and pros alike, but these revelations are particularly troubling.

“Over the last 2 years, we introduced events to spotlight the top Challengers talent, brought in the Latin America region, and had broadcasts/VODs where they otherwise wouldn’t have happened,” said Zaborowski. “It is far from everything I wanted to do, but I do hope I have done right by the community.”

Zabrowski claims the league’s low-priority stance towards the Challengers scene has “resulted in little internal resourcing, attention, and mindshare given to the program.” One can’t help but wonder if the league will take notice of these comments and implement any meaningful changes. These damning comments should convince the CDL to alter their Challengers program and create a more successful environment for their path-to-pro scene.

(All information was provided by Dexerto)

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